We are not authors.
We are product builders.

There is too much B.S. about building great products.
This is he most hands-on approach you will find online.

Most advice online about building a software product (SaaS - software as a service) is pretty mediocre or way too complicated.

We believe there are a few reasons for this 👇

1. Very often, people talking about product development make a living out of it. They sell knowledge. They tend to invent new concepts to generate fresh content or justify their courses, consulting and coaching fees. And they (very often) “over-theorize” concepts and make them sound complex when they can be dead simple (just look at how the agile industry complicated the Agile Manifesto, which is just a list of principles).

2. Each discipline linked to product (Product Management, Design, Engineering, Growth, Marketing, Sales, Support) has its own goals, philosophies, and even vocabulary to describe how to build products and grow a company.

3. Building products is highly dependent on context (B2B vs B2C, market, constraints, business model, talents, timing, etc.). One element of context alone can make a big difference.

…and just like that, you have the perfect recipe for creating confusion, incoherence, and ultimately, not helping you build great products.

This results in training people on things that don’t matter, promoting analysis paralysis, and widening the gaps between each product domain, blurring the ultimate goal of building outstanding products.

Why couldn’t we have a ressource with no fluff, simple, and straight to the point?

A resource that provides a good overview with all the necessary mental models and actionable tactics? A resource with which you can extract value and lessons faster and achieve more success?

In the world of product, we believe this resource doesn't exist yet.

This is the ambition of this book: The (no B.S.) Product Bible.

To create the book that focuses on the essential 20% that delivers 80% of value you need to build outstanding software products.

A book where you, founders or member of product function, can achieve greater success with their software products, because:

  • You understand where the true value lies
  • You grasp the function of every discipline
  • You share the same language and goals with all the different people working on the product
  • You are more pragmatic and can move faster

A book that takes a firm stance, that won't delve too much into details, yet will stay very actionable and avoid being too theoritical. So, we also try to recommend other ressources to dig specific topics deeper.

A book, while focusing on B2B software products, can also bring value to teams building other types of products.

We release new and update existing sections as we go to make this a living document.

You might not appreciate some of our hot takes, you might even disagree at times, and it’s okay.

We don't claim to hold the truth. We actually want to build this bible with other people passionate about building amazing products :)

We give at the end of each section the option to give feedback and contribute.

Robin Labrot
Founder @ListenUp!

I led the product teams for almost 3 years at lempire, a suite of SaaS products for SMBs that grew to $23M in ARR in 4 years with $0 in funding.

Our products and go to market efforts where at the core of that growth.

This book is a great opportunity to detail everything I learned about building amazing products that drive revenue and bring tons of value to your users. To be more precise, it is based on my experience and 50+ Product People & Founders I have met from successful companies.

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You’ll learn:

How to achieve X

How to achieve X

How to achieve X

How to achieve X

How to achieve X