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Your product team sucks.

Let me tell you why.

You should "talk to your customers", they say.
You shouldn't become a "feature factory", they say.
You should "know your customers better than anybody", they say.

All of it is true.
The best products come from teams obsessed with their users.
And it's beautiful, on paper.

In reality, this is what happens.
You have 3 types of product teams out there.
Guess which one looks like yours:

Level 1: The don't give a sh*t
Those are the teams that simply don't interact with their users.
Have a feature idea? Let's implement it.

No research.
No impact analysis.

Just pur gut feeling.
This leads to:
→ Opinion-driven development
→ Features dictated by management
→ New features copied from competitors shamelessly
→ Low or no impact on retention, revenue and user experience
Level 2: The mislead
They mostly rely on quantitive data to do everything.
Mixpanel or Amplitude tells them what the next features should be.

The only discussions they have with users are inconsistent and useless.
Product team: "Would you like this feature?"
User: "Yes"
Product team: "Let's go!"
Or, through shallow surveys, like NPS.
This leads to:
→ Biased data and analysis
→ Implementation of the wrong features
→ Frustrated users that churn from your product
Level 3: The believers
They understand that user discovery is critical (finally!).

But it makes their job miserable...
They are excited to meet their users, until...
They need to find the right users to talk to.

Once they finally manage,
they need to take notes and screenshots.

After a couple of discussions, things look organized in Notion.
Until they aren't anymore...

Especially after the Sales and Support teams
send them their user interactions and insights...

It's a pure mess.
Information is everywhere.
It's crazy time-consuming to go through everything.
Let alone connect insights together...

Discovery becomes nerve-racking.

What if AI could change that? 🪄

Imagine a world where all your product feedback was in the same place.
Every new feedback added automatically.
Text, images, videos, files.

Anything that comes from:
Video ask
A place where AI could:
→ organize everything for you
→ make the time to valuable insight short
→ suggest the best product opportunities
→ search for anything in our feedback database
That would be dope, right?
How much time would you save?
How well would you be able to do your job?
How will your product retention and revenue evolve?

I think you know by now.
We experience the same problems.

Let's make user discovery easy and enjoyable.
So we can focus on making the best product for users.

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