User interviews

You should do more user interviews. And you know it.

But why? Because your process is ūüí©
Let’s try something new.

Step 1 - Use the right meeting recorder

Stop inviting suspicious bots on your calls. People feel spied on and will not act as natural or comfortable as they would without.

Use the ListenUp! chrome extension to record your calls on Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft teams without inviting bots to your calls. The extension will record the sound and image directly at the source of the call. The sound will be perfectly recorded, even if you wear headphones or have noise around you during the call - which will improve significantly AI transcription.

Step 2 - Centralize all recordings

All recordings from the ListenUp! chrome extension are automatically added to your ListenUp! inbox. From there, you can access all recordings, watch each recording and share them with your team to share information.

Step 3 - Let AI do the manual work

Each meeting recording added to your inbox is automatically transcribed with one of the most accurate AIs on the market - try for yourself. 
You can also access and create custom AI summaries with your own prompt.

Step 4 - Create user insights

You'll unlock the real value when you highlight the most valuable parts of the interview to create user insights - ListenUp!'s AI will automatically suggest insights to create to make speed up the process while leaving you the control.

After creating insights, you can mark your interview as done (you can still find it with filters) and move to the "insights" tab to access all your user insights.

Step 5 - Create patterns

This is the place where you will identify what you should work on next to bring value to your users. Find common insights and create patterns to see what comes up the most from your users.

ListenUp!'s AI will also automatically suggest new patterns or insights to add to existing patterns.

Step 6 - Share everything seamlessly

Share patterns anywhere to share your users' voice in your organization and explain why you should work on this problem next.
Integrate your users' voice in your product process by embedding insights and patterns in your favorite delivery tool. Make it a norm to have user patterns sitting beside the problem you want to solve, the business opportunity, the final solution, tech specifications, etc.

Ready to give it a try?