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Any questions?

How does this extension work?
Add the ListenUp! extension to Chrome, and pin it to your tool bar
2. Open the ListenUp! extensions when you enter a call and press on “start recording”
3. At the end of your call, go back to the extension and press on “stop recording”

The extension will record the sound and audio of your call directly at the source. This means you can safely use headphones during the call.

Call recordings will automatically be added to your ListenUp! inbox. The recording will automatically be transcribed with one of the best AI transcriptions available today (32 languages supported).
How much does it cost?
To use the extension, you need a ListenUp! account as the call recordings will automatically be sent to your ListenUp! inbox for transcription. You can start using ListenUp! for free.
How do I use it to record calls on Zoom or Microsoft Teams?
The process is the same as to record Google Meet calls. However, for Zoom and Microsoft Teams, you need to join meetings on your web browser and not the native application. Here's a step-by-step tutorial to join a meeting on Zoom and Microst Teams on the web.
How many calls can I record? For how long?
You can record as many calls as you want so long as you have enough credits with your ListenUp! account to add more videos.
How is the sound recorded?
We record the audio as you hear it when you are in the call. This means the sound will properly be recorded, even if you wear headphones.  
Will a "bot" join my meeting to record the call, like other tools?
No. It will only be you and the people with whom you have planned a call with. The ListenUp! chrome extension doesn't need to join the call to record it.


Unlimited calls
Download recordings
Up to 1h/call (unlimited for ListenUp! users)
Works with Meet, Zoom & Teams