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User feedback comes from everywhere, and very often from inside of the company. The Support and Sales teams often have the most feedback about your product. In some cases, you also use your product to solve your own pains. This means that Slack is a gold mine to understand how people use your product and areas of improvements.

Use the ListenUp! Slack integration to push feedback from Slack to ListenUp! and centralize all your feedback.

How it works

1. Add the ListenUp! app to your Slack workspace

2. Chose the Slack channel(s) you want ListenUp! to take feedback from. New messages in this channel will be added to ListenUp! (text messages, threads, videos or even files will be added).

3. ListenUp! will automatically add an emoji to messages added successfully to ListenUp!

You can also send feedback manually to ListenUp! by pressing on the 3 dots menu of a specific Slack message.
You will soon be able to receive your ListenUp! notifications directly on Slack to be more reactive.

Enjoy ✌️